Stress : Game Of Emotion Or Game Of Notion In Women's Life?

Women's Stress


Stress is the reaction of one's body and mind with respect to the changing environment. It's not particularly related to women, it is something that affects both men and women but differently. Men and women are different in physical appearance and mental behavior, hence, stress has a different impact on both men and women.


Everyone experiences stress in their life.

Some might be because of workload, responsibilities, or pressure, others might be because of fear or insecurities. Stress can result in positive or negative both ways and different people have different scenarios while dealing with it.

For instance, suppose you have an exam tomorrow and you are stressed up thinking about it some people normally tackle that stress easily they turn it into motivation, they stay awake for longer duration and work harder while some have a negative impact on it they cannot handle that stress easily and are deeply affected by it, they have a nightmare and are in tension whole time.

Stress of Women


Stress has harmful effects on the human body. It affects both physically and mentally. Men usually have denser, stronger bones, and ligaments than women. Women have thin skin as compared to men, stress has a greater impact on their body.

When a person is stressed out, it can be seen by some physical symptoms such as headache, chest pain, trouble sleeping, high blood pressure, and some mental symptoms,

Like anxiety, depression, sadness sometimes panic attacks too.

Women's Emotion

When a man is stressed up, he behaves unfairly with everyone and shouts at his family and fellows especially his wife while when a woman is stressed up, she does not behave as that a man. A woman is emotionally more connected to everything than a man, so she becomes sad over small matters, and when her husband shouts at her she thinks it's her fault that she is not capable enough to love him or take care of him.

At the time of women's menstrual cycle, many women feel excessive pain, have mood swings, and irritation still they manage to do all household work, or a working woman has to do office work also without letting them know about her pain. Stress can cause menstrual irregularities which is the most common in women and it can lead to problems at the time of menopause.

Stress can cause stomach ailments like blotting, vomiting, and indigestion as of an unhealthy lifestyle, junk food intake, and irregular sleep cycle.

A woman maintains her beauty standards rather than a man, stress deeply affects beauty. As I had told earlier, women's skin is thinner than a man so stress can cause skin problems or make them even worse. It can lead to rashes, acne, pimples, and itching.

It is expected from women to fulfill family responsibilities and work together at the same time this can make them overwhelmed.

A married woman is expected to have children after marriage and if she can't get pregnant then they blame her and say you are not capable enough to have children this can make her feel useless as it is said that if you are unable to give birth to a child then you are not a complete woman.



  • Prepare a proper diet plan and follow it regularly. Do exercise or practice yoga that makes you feel better. Try to connect with people who encourage you or motivate you, and believe in you. Get fresh air and spend some time with nature.
  • Stop comparing yourself with others, stop overthinking, appreciate yourself, and try to encourage yourself that nothing is impossible for you, woman! These are the boundaries levied on you by society, but they cannot stop you from fulfilling your dreams.
  • Women are more emotional as compared to men so if you are a male, who has a female friend then try to listen to her, give her time, support her, don't blame her, or don't examine her try to be supportive not faultfinder.
  • At last, live your life the way you gain happiness not the way society wants you to be. You are the leader of your life don't give this opportunity to others.

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