Honour Crime: Killing Of Women's Dreams And Desire

Honour Crime

 Honour Crime

The killing of a person by a member of their family or an outsider in the name of breaking their honour code. Majorly women have to go through this because she is supposed to be within the limits of four walls. If she tries to step out of it then she is triggered by saying characterless and shameless. It is a punishment given to a person to preserve their reputation and honour.

Reasons for honour killing

Socialization outside the family zone

If a woman gathers with her friends, goes to parties, and spends time with their friends or partners who are not from their family members then they take it as an infringement of their rules.

Inter-caste  or inter-religion marriage

Marriage with a person of another caste or religion is a modern-day issue where parents or family members see it as a crime and try to stop that marriage and if both partners do not follow them then they opt to save their reputation by promoting honour killing.

Premarital physical relation

If two people are in a relationship with each other then if they have a physical relationship it is considered a violation of the dignity of the family and to save the reputation of the family they have been either forced to suicide or killed by family members.

Honour Crime


Divorce from an abusive partner or separation from an unhealthy relationship is termed as a wrong decision by family and society. If two persons are married then they have to live for eternity irrespective of the feeling that they are happy or not that, is the thinking of society.

Raising voices against violence towards women

When a woman raises her voice against the injustice towards herself and tries to protect herself then it's not treated as good but rather it is seen as Authorization to see how shameful that woman is. She is trying to get her husband and family members in jail just because they beat her or abuse her. This is seen as a violation of the dignity of family members.

Extra-marital affairs

If a man has an extra-marital affair then it is termed as he is not happy with his wife, his wife is not able to love her husband but if a woman has an extra-marital affair then it hurts the dignity of the family members and society.

Refusal to sex

If a woman says no to having a physical relationship with their partner then they take it on their ego and force her to have one, if she denies then either they break the relationship or try to take revenge by providing harm to her or by killing her.

Earn more than men

When the women of the family earned more than the men of the family then men considered it disrespectful rather than being proud of themselves they wanted to defame and discourage her as it hurt their male ego that how a woman is more successful than a man.

Having male friendship

Some person does not like it if a woman has a male friend rather than her husband or partner they take it as too much freedom given to a woman if she has male friends and try to make her realize that you are a woman who doesn't have that freedom, you are not allowed to do this.

Honour Crime

Victim of rape

If a woman had been raped by someone, then it's not the fault of those persons who raped her it's the fault of that woman because either her clothes are not appropriate or she is outside the home after 7 p.m. then in the name of dignity or reputation either she is killed or forced to attempt suicide.


Marrying or relation with a same-sex person is a heinous crime in the sight of family members and society. If any person does that then they are considered shameful and disrespected in society.

Some articles are given in the Indian Constitution which deal with the protection of the honour of a person:

  • Article 14: Right to equality.
  • Article 15 (1)  and (3): Prohibition of discrimination based on caste, race, religion, sex or place of birth.
  • Article 17: Abolition of untouchability.
  • Article 19 (1): Freedom to speech and expression.
  • Article 21: Right to life and personal liberty.

Honour Crime

How to minimize this crime?

  • Providing education is one of the best attempts to minimize these types of heinous crimes because they are based on the mentality of the people.
  • Promoting awareness among the people that choosing a partner of one's choice is the basic right of a human being, why is there a punishment for it?
  • Some effective laws regarding these crimes and script action need to be taken against those culprits who think killing someone in the name of saving reputation is right.
  • Making a woman self-dependent so she can take a stand for herself and not depend on anyone to get justice in such cases or protect herself from such crimes.
  • Participation of women in decision-making and the need to respect their decisions is the ultimate and growing demand to be a better world.


Honour killing is carried out to preserve the reputation and dignity of the family or in society but how efficient or courageous it is to kill a loved one person?

Is it not possible to let her live the way she wants to live her life?

The main belief regarding the honour Crime is that any member of the family brings disrespect or dishonour to the family and because of which

Honour killing is not only the killing of a person to protect the reputation of family members but also the killing of someone's dignity, rights, feelings, emotions, and opinions.

If a mistake is committed by a woman then we need to figure out the solution of the problem to get rid of it, irrespective of blaming, abusing, or killing her to protect your dignity. Be brave enough to stand with someone in their tough times not to leave her alone in the name of that mistake.

Raise your voice against such heinous crimes and spread awareness among people rather than supporting them. 

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