The Increasing Interest Of Women Towards Gym: A Way To Strengthen Herself

Women Gym

Participation of women in gym

A gym is a place either a large room or a building where physical activities are performed. Regular physical activities help to boost energy, confidence, and emotional stability and increase the ability to do everyday activities efficiently.

More than half of the women's population is inactive in going to the gym but the number of females who want to go to the gym is increasing day by day, they are breaking the stereotypes that only boys look good while going to the gym and it's only for males, females can't make it work. Women are now focusing on their health and fitness and are stepping out of the zone of being soft, sweet, weak, and breakable girls. She is trying to emphasize that nothing can beat her and stop her from being strong and self-dependent so that she doesn't need any man to protect or save herself in times of difficulty or danger, she is capable enough to save herself from any situation and get rid of it.

Barriers women face while joining a gym


Women's security is an issue which not prevent them from participating in many events or activities. If a woman does not feel comfortable in an environment then how is she able to perform exercise and keep herself motivated? If she doesn't feel safe then she cannot perform that well. Women prefer to go with their partners or friends in such situations.

Lack of support or motivation

Women are not encouraged by their family members to join the gym and focus on their health and fitness. They lag by saying these all things are for men what does a woman do after joining a gym, it is not a cup of tea for you.

Women Gym

Menstruation time

At the time of menstruation, women need to take care of themselves more because of stomach pain, back pain, and cramps. It becomes a little difficult for her to lift heavy weights.


At first, when she goes to a gym she feels insecure about herself how can she be able to lift the weight, do others make her fun of for not knowing about the use of equipment she fears that if she tries to get help from someone then they think like you don't even know about such simple things, so a feeling of insecurity arises.


Women who are not self-dependent need to take money from their parents or spouse, if they think it is a waste of money then it could be a barrier to their entry to the gym.

Why should a woman need to stay fit and join a gym?

Improve physical health

A woman needs to be physically and emotionally fit so she has to work on herself and the gym helps to strengthen the muscles and ligaments. It helps to improve physical health as a lot of physical workout is carried out there.

Enhances motivation

It helps to improve dedication and perseverance as it requires constant efforts to maintain your fitness. There are like-minded people in the gym who have the same objective as you, and it motivates the people to not give up.

Stress relief and emotional stability

Those people who are physically fit are less likely to be emotionally weak as compared to those who are not. Here physically fit doesn't mean muscle gain, biceps and triceps. Endorphins, the feeling good hormones are released while doing exercise which helps in stress bursting and improving mental health.


It is believed that women cannot protect themselves, they depend on a man to protect them. By being physically fit, doing regular exercise, weight lifting, and learning self-defense techniques, she can be able to protect herself in any situation.

Women Gym

Boost energy and increase productivity

Regular physical workouts help to boost the energy level of a person and after doing certain physical activity you will see an improvement in your productivity, concentration, and management.

Some negative points regarding gym which should also be considered

In place of benefit, you get harm

Sometimes for the sake of showing off, we join a gym and use the equipment inappropriately without their proper knowledge which in return results in harm to the body rather than benefit.

Risk of injury

Lifting heavy weight something leads to injuries which if not treated on time become severe.

But if you use the types of equipment carefully and properly then these disadvantages can be overcome.

Women Gym

Challenges faced during gym


Joining a gym requires consistency and commitment as one has to be regularly there to achieve their goal of being physically fit and maintaining the body. Some people termed it as challenging.


When people do physical workouts then is obvious that they get sweat so when they touch different equipment germs get transferred from one person to another which can be a concern if you do not maintain cleanliness.


some people are morning people and some are evening people so time is a crucial factor and is considered challenging for those who are unable to maintain it.


If the gym is far away from your home then you might find difficulty in daily up-down, and it becomes inconvenient for those people.


It has been shown by many studies that women are attracted to muscular guys so it may distract them from their goal of achieving a better and healthy body and increasing their strength.

Women Gym

Proper diet

Some people are foody and they can not be away from food for much time so takes time for them to manage their diet and less the intake of junk food. It can be challenging for many people to maintain a proper diet plan consistently.


Some women do not feel safe or comfortable while working out with the opposite gender. Safety is a major concern for women so those women who want their privacy and do not want to face the fear of judgment by the opposite gender then they can join the gym which is only for females.

Benefits of physical activities

  • Reduces the risk of developing high blood pressure.
  • Reduces the risk of developing diabetes.
  • Helps to increase emotional stability in women which is very important for women as they are more emotional than men.
  • Helps to control weight and reduce body fat.
  • help to gain lean muscle mass and promote strength.

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