Stereotype: A Barrier In The Growth ๐Ÿ’น Of Women: Women's Self-appraisal In Breaking Stereotypes

Stereotype A Barrier In The Growth Of Women


A stereotype is a fixed idea or perception of a lot of people towards a person or thing that is not true in reality. The word stereotype is a combination of 'stereo' and 'type' where stereo means firm, solid, fixed and type means impression. In simple terms, the stereotype is imposing a fixed image of something.

Gender stereotyping

Gender stereotyping is defined as different characteristics, behaviors, and attributes possessed by one gender over another. Especially, women have more stereotypes than men. If a woman does not work or behave according to how a man desires them to be then they see that women have wings and she is trying to make everything under her control and due to this referred to as gender stereotyping or female stereotyping.

Stereotype A Barrier In The Growth Of Women

What causes stereotypes?

Thinking of people

A particular type of thinking or perception towards a person or object or a non-changing attitude towards objectifying things is what the mindset of the people says, that all the stereotypes are generated by the fixed thinking of people.


Differentiating people based on their caste or religion is also the cause of stereotypes as seeing and treating some people differently just because they are born in another caste or another religion is creating a perception towards upper classes that they are minors.

Gender biases

Seeing women as inferior, considering them as sex objects, and not giving them equal status come under gender bias. All these create stereotypes that women are weak, cannot perform those activities that are suitable for men, and are not meant to be a leader as they are not as strong as men.

Random thoughts from surroundings

Someone is talking randomly about a thing that they don't like or find inappropriate then if any other person listens to it they feel like yes he or she is right and with time this became a permanent view regarding that thing and termed a stereotype.


Prior opinion regarding someone or something with knowing about it completely, the way they see things, sense them, and define them. Based on one's opinion, stereotypes can be made or resulted with time.

Stereotype A Barrier In The Growth Of Women

Effects of stereotypes

Diminish confidence

If there is a stereotype regarding something and a person violates that then he or she is considered a violator of law or rule that makes him or her feel embarrassed or make them lose confidence.

Loss of interest

When a person has a passion for something and at any cost, they want to achieve that and If there is a stereotype regarding that then most people don't fight against it, they simply lose interest in that and move to another.

Poor performance

Due to stereotypes, people find it difficult to carry a task for a long time, and this results in lowering their potential and hence their performance.

Stereotype A Barrier In The Growth Of Women

Results in unhealthy or unsafe decisions

When a person loses interest in something then their performance gets reduced and they try to shuffle from that situation and switch to another, in this sense they sometimes result in taking unhealthy, unfair, and unsafe decisions for themselves which they regret later because of that so-called stereotypes made by people who don't respect others opinion.

Not admired or encouraged

Suppose a person is working in an environment where everything is well managed and defined there for his /her work they get encouraged but when a stereotype comes regarding that and someone tries to break that then they are treated as differently and are not admired or encouraged.

Some stereotypes about women

Having long hair, big eyes

From ancient times, it has been seen that women have long hair, and big eyes which are considered a stereotype regarding women if any woman cuts her hair short or balds her head like that short as that of boys then they tease that woman as a boy and make her feel embarrassed in front of others. So having long hair and big eyes is considered a stereotype regarding women.


Makeover is considered only for females not for males and many people want a woman to be beautiful so if she is not looking beautiful without makeup then she has been advised to do makeup to look good as the pretty face of a woman matters rather than a pretty heart.

Leadership position

It is considered that women cannot be good leaders as they don't possess these leadership qualities because to be a leader one needs to interact with many people and go to different places and work day and night which they do not consider suitable women and then say that women are not made for becoming leaders.

Cooking and Household skills

Cooking food and doing household chores is considered a very important task that every girl should know and if someone doesn't know how to cook food or do other stuff then they make fun of her and say how irresponsible she is that she doesn't know about cooking.

Stereotype A Barrier In The Growth Of Women

How to break the chain of stereotypes


Education is the most important factor which helps a woman to stand up for herself and make herself independent and by this means she breaks the chain of stereotypes in different fields.

Promoting awareness

As we know society is changing slowly its behaviour towards women and realizing that women are not less than men and can achieve anything, this can be done by the means of providing awareness among people and encouraging them.


A man can be the best supporter of a woman.  If a man supports, encourages, admires, and appreciates the efforts of women then she doesn't have to fear anything in her life. A true friend partner or family member can make a woman feel like a queen or support her in every possible way.

The stereotype is defined as a barrier in the way of progress of women, so try to support her, believe in her potential, and trust her she can achieve anything in her life. Women nowadays break stereotypes and take a stand for themselves in every field. 

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