Strong Women Not Necessarily Have Masculinity, They Have Power

Strong Women

Definition of strong women

There is no particular definition of strong women, it differs for different individuals. A strong woman handles every situation with patience and prospection, focuses on growth, accepts the situation, and figures out the solution calmly.

Keys to being a strong women

Optimistic thinking

Positive thoughts help to interact with positive energy. It emphasizes people to focus on things that matter. Optimistic thinking helps to focus on goals that are important for the future of a person.

Time utilisation

Proper management of time and fulfilling work on time is a major characteristic of strong people as they know time is a valuable asset if it goes once, then it will never come back, so utilize the time properly as much as possible.

Strong Women

Admitting mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes either small or large but the courage to admit that mistake and accept reality is not everyone's cup of tea.

Making mistakes is a part of life, but accepting them and apologizing for them is another important part of it.

Goal orientation

There must be a goal in life on which she can focus and put effort into achieving it. Direction is essential to achieving the aim of life and making ourselves better than before.

Handling arguments

Arguments are so common nowadays as people don't tolerate much, they have the perspective of saying abusive words and get aggressive in a while which is not a good quality. A strong woman handles arguments with patience and acknowledgment, but it's not like she doesn't get hyper, she can but understanding the situation and way of dealing with it is what matters.

Beliefs of Strong Women

Do not compare yourself with others

Every person has their strength and weaknesses so if you are weak at some point then try to figure out the cause and improve that rather than comparing yourself with others and thinking you are good enough as he/she is. strong women don't worry much about what others think about them.

Do not compromise your mental strength

Mental peace is a must to live happily and comfortably in one's life. By focusing on negative thoughts and talks of others, don't believe that you are not capable enough to do anything or feel demotivated, and never let someone dominate you and your peace.

Know your self-worth

Different persons have different habits, behaviors, capacities, and capabilities. One needs to know about one's capability and capacity to engage in those activities that are worth it for them.

Prepare yourself for upcoming challenges

Challenges make the journey of life impactful. Ups and downs are the reality of everyone's life so never fear the problems, try to face them, and get solutions instead of getting panicked and turning them into complex situations. Engage in those activities that help you gain strength, power, wisdom, and knowledge so that you can face the hardships of life.

Strong Women

Focus on growth

A strong woman always focuses on her growth irrespective of blaming the bad situation. Growth 💹 is the main perspective of a person either self or others because growth of society is also as necessary as of self.


Being strong does not mean you are emotionless, it means how you can control your emotions at your worst stage. A strong woman knows loving herself is as necessary as living because human beings need love and care and if she is not able to love herself then how can she be able to love others?

Passion of learning

Learning the attitude of new things is always there in strong women. It helps them to handle the upcoming challenge with full determination and confidence as prior knowledge of things helps them to gain confidence and stand for themselves.

Strong Women

Acceptance of reality and achieve excellence, not perfection

Strong women know how hard reality hits, she has gone through many ups and downs in her life that's why she needs to earn skills and excellence because everyone has flaws, nobody is perfect.

Seen tough times

Strongness does not come by birth, it comes through experiences and damages. Many women admit that they were not as strong earlier as they are now, they cried at their deepest but when all the tears dried up and no tears were left to cry, then these are the wounds that made them strong enough that she does not need to depend on anyone and here strong women is born.

Why there is a need to be strong women?

It is because it is the belief that women are weak they have to be silent, sweet, and beautiful only, they are not meant to be bold, answerable, and leaders. Women have to become strong and independent to break these stereotypes and step out of their caves. A move toward one's dream and goals is the first step to becoming strong.

Being strong does not mean doing physical activity only and making body, growing muscles, and gaining mass it's also about mental strength which can not be compromised on any basis. It does not mean that one should not focus on their physical strength or should not perform any physical activity, it is good to perform physical workouts and remain physically fit but also remain mentally strong.

Strong Women

There is a common phrase said that "WOMEN FORGIVE BUT NEVER FORGET". It's true, that a woman believes in forgiving the person who hurts her

as she is always a giver but she never forgets how that person treated her and never trusts someone again as she trusted that person. She learned a lifelong lesson there to be more careful and choosy while dealing with other people and here starts the journey of being strong.

Respect is the major asset a woman craves from her partner, parents, or society. The path to gaining respect is not so easy as women are considered nothing more than an object so to earn the respect they have to focus on their goals, growth, and discover their self-worth. It is an important need for women to become self-dependent and earn a living on their own behalf.

Some people say that women have high standards, no, they have power, power to deal with every situation with excellence.  

 A Dynamiclady ~ Anshika Rajput

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