An Unfulfilled Dream Of Many Women: Solo Travelling : An Issue Of Security



Travelling is not just about roaming from one place to another for the sake of entertainment, it's about spending quality time where one can feel peace, and freedom from work, and find pleasure. Some people love to travel solo while some are in a group. Some people want to travel to take a break from their schedule while some do because they make it their passion. Traveling does not make any sense if you are not enjoying it.


Solo traveling or group traveling, one should accord to one's comfort. Sometimes we want someone to listen to us while sometimes we want to spend some time alone. If a person is traveling alone, it doesn't mean he or she doesn't have friends or is introverted or rude or anything according to a perception it's better to spend some quality time with yourself to look up what is going on in our life? Is everything all well or not? If not, why? How can it be resolved?

Group traveling is enjoyable with good friends. People go but leave their memories for a lifetime and this is the best part of group traveling i.e., memories. It doesn't mean you can't make memories in solo traveling, you can but here the perspective is of having friends or family with whom you are going on the trip. Group traveling is not always about having fun, it can also result in conflict sometimes but that's a different scenario.



One of the major concerns faced by a woman is related to her security. As we heard many horror cases of the dangerous experience that a woman encountered. These are the everyday experience that a woman face while she is going to school, college, and office it's not particularly related when a woman is traveling solo so far. Every day we listen about a case related to sexual assault, humiliation, rape, murder, and theft against women.

This becomes a reason that stops women from adventuring the world 🌍 and stepping out of their cages. Because of these issues, many women decide to take back their decision of traveling or their loved one's fears and don't let them go for it. This is a major issue as if a woman doesn't feel safe while going out then how could she enjoy the moment and what's the point of travelling then?

Another concern before the very eyes of women is the gender barrier. As we live in a patriarchal society where men have the freedom to enjoy themselves with their friends and hang out with them while do not. Men don't have the need to follow safety measures they can roam around on the road at 2:00 a.m. while a woman can't because she is female.

People think adventure is a male's cup of tea, it's only for males because they are the ones who are most powerful and nothing can harm them if they go alone outside but adventuring alone can harm a woman as she cannot protect herself.

Here my question is from whom do we need to protect ourselves? From Males. Here I don't mean from every male but I just want to draw your attention to the point that we need to protect ourselves from those males who see women as sex object or think she is only for the entertainment of man.



Nowadays, we have seen an increment in women travelers. Women are trying to explore the world, they are breaking the stereotypes of society that traveling is not women's cup of tea. Nearly half of the population is women who are traveling either solo or in a group. Women are stepping out of their cages and following adventure.

As women are now being treated equal to men they are growing up in their lives and achieving their goals, pursuing education, joining jobs, and adventuring too. The point is that not everyone gets the opportunity of it but the ratio is increasing day by day and this is a good step towards achieving the goal of women's empowerment.



From the experiences shared by women who are traveling alone, we get to know that solo traveling increases confidence in oneself. It helps to interact with many people and increase connections. Solo traveling does not mean a person is alone does not have any choice or is lonely in their life, it simply means that one wants to have some independence, and adventure or is capable of facing challenges alone which is essential for a woman to experience to grow in her life.

Solo women travelers face many challenges which later work as a motivation for them as they learn how to manage things alone, how to improve themselves, and how to overcome their fears once a woman starts enjoying her own company then she doesn't need anybody.

A Dynamiclady ~ Anshika Rajput

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