“Women Are Not Just Products, They Are Human Beings”

Women empowerment

Who are women?

“Women” who give birth to a child, who create a family, who create a society, and also who are a symbol of love. But before all these, she is a human being who deserves respect, dignity, love, and equality in society.

                Our society is based on caste, religion, race, and sex i.e. called “Discrimination Society”. Discrimination this seed many years ago and its roots are based on society, therefore this word’s side-effect till present in modern society. We also see Discrimination between the rich and poor, upper caste and lower caste, but the most effectual Discrimination we see between men and women, which does not happen between a single group, small group, or a broad group, Discrimination happens with the individual.  

               Discrimination, which is based on Patriarchal Society, is not a modern concept, this concept comes from before the modern era. Where all power depends on men’s society, there is no power of women. Before independence, we saw many women end their life for their husband’s death

 (like Sathi pratha), a girl child married to an old person (child marriage), or many incidents happened like that. Patriarchal society never wants their girls to go to school, and never wants to know women’s perspectives. Their choice never matters in this Patriarchal society, they don’t want girls to create an identity for themselves.


                  Women have the power to give a new life and therefore they can take on offspring for 9 months 10 days, then a woman gives birth to a child and becomes a mother, and builds her child.

 During this time, how many problems she faced, we couldn’t ever reach this thought. Before pregnancy and after pregnancy, many issues arise in her health and even many women die after childbirth. 

Women empowerment

          WHY DO WOMEN DIE?

Severe bleeding (mostly bleeding after childbirth);

Infections (usually after childbirth);

High blood pressure during pregnancy (pre-eclampsia and eclampsia);

Complications from delivery; and 

Unsafe abortion.  

         Between 2000 and 2020, the maternal mortality ratio (MMR, number of maternal deaths per 100,000 live births) dropped by about 34% worldwide. 

                                  (Source- World Health Organization)

And many times, we see that some women have a pregnancy problem and they never become mothers. Like these many problems come from their health. Also, Women have many health issues not only pregnancy problems, such as many women suffering from breast cancer, menstrual problems, heart problems, TH, cysts, and many other problems.  

How to fight this problem?

  •                   So, it is necessary for every woman to be physically active more often. For their physical exercise, their blood pressure and cholesterol levels will be healthier and also have a lower risk of chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and dementia. And their health also be fit and fine. 
  •                 Make sleep a top priority, because late-night sleeping creates many health issues. So, avoid late-night sleep.
  •                 Avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol because smoking creates a lung problem. And in the future, it becomes a reason for cancer.
  •                   Dieting is the most powerful way to get good health. So, it is important that every food has nutrition (millets have high nutrition power), and also puts more fiber in the diet, which is found in plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. And also avoid street food.

Women empowerment


               In the workforce, women have made substantial strides, proving their competence and versatility in numerous professions. From pioneering entrepreneurs to dedicated healthcare workers, women have played indispensable roles in shaping economies and communities worldwide. 

        In the arts and culture, women have produced profound and enduring works of literature, music, and visual arts, even now women have joined pilots, the army, the air force, BSF, Civil service like IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS, and more. Authors like Virginia Woolf and Maya Angelou have explored the depths of human experience through their writings, enriching our cultural tapestry.

      Women’s roles as caregivers and nurturers are also invaluable. Their emotional labor and dedication to family and community well-being should not be diminished or commodified but recognized and appreciated as vital components of a functioning society. For example- 

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw – (Chairperson of Biocon Ltd.), Company: Biocon Ltd. Success journey: As the founder of Biocon Limited, a leading biopharmaceutical company in India, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw is one of the most famous women entrepreneurs in India.

 For every woman, it is important that they create their identity on their own.

Fashion and Beauty-

  Every woman loves to be beautiful all the time. And also, Fashion and beauty increase self-confidence. Clothes influence how we look at someone. They help

create an idea of what we think about their personality.  

Wearing what makes you comfortable is a statement, and people will respect your individuality. This is an essential detail of why fashion is important. And every woman is beautiful in her own way.    

Women empowerment


                     Women do not rely on inspiration. But our society is inspired by them. Patriarchal Society considers women as weak, but patriarchal society does not understand what women can do. Before Independence, women fought for their country, their children, their family, and their society, which also gave them ignorance. And even in this present time, they have created their identity by breaking the ignorance of society. So, Nothing Can Inspire Women, but

Everyone Can Be Inspired by Women. 

                 In the end, Women are not commodities but human beings with intrinsic value. Their historical journey from being relegated to the status of property to asserting their rights and contributions to society is a testament to their resilience and strength. Women excel in academia, the workforce, the arts, and as caregivers, demonstrating their multifaceted capabilities. 

                 However, it is crucial to recognize that significant challenges persist. Gender-based discrimination, violence, and economic disparities continue to impede progress towards full gender equality. To truly honor the intrinsic value of women, society must continue to work towards dismantling these barriers and fostering an environment where women are respected, valued, and given the opportunities they deserve. 

                    Ultimately, acknowledging that women are not commodities but human beings is not just a moral imperative but also essential for building a more equitable, regardless of gender, deserves to be recognized and celebrated for their unique contributions and worth as a human beings.

       “One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.”

                      (Simone de Beauvoir- French philosopher and Writer)

A Dynamiclady - Anamika Roy

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