Women And Their Obsession With Their Dream Partner

Women And Their Obsession With Their Dream Partner

 In love, women are the most emotionally attached. Their way of loving their partner is different from men do. They love to have deep emotional connection with their partner and want to share every small detail with him whether it is necessary or unnecessary. She wants to connect with him truly and devotedly without any selfish means. For women, love is a pure and intense feeling that cannot be described in words, it can seen in the behaviour, in the words, in the efforts, and in the eyes. 

Loyalty: The base of trust

A woman always wants her partner to love her, and care for her and the most important trait she wants is loyalty. She wants her partner to remain loyal to her and not cheat her. Women are sensitive, they do not like it when they see their partner with another girl, they have a possessive personality but this does not mean that they do not trust their partner, they do, but afraid to lose him and feel jealous when they see another woman roaming around him. A woman never wants her man to go close to some other lady because attraction is common, people get attracted to someone's personality easily but love is rare.

Sense of humor: A wise characteristic

A good sense of humor is one of the important characteristics to which many people are attracted to a person. A woman wants a person who makes her laugh, who supports her, who stands by her side no matter what the circumstances, who does not judge her in every situation, who tackle her positively when she is filled with anger, who try to find a way to settle the disputes, who do not leave her for his objectives, who trust her, who remains with her when everyone is against of her, basically she need a man who does not leave her in her worst time or does not let her fall in her worst time. They love a guy who understands the situation and calmly tries to figure out a solution rather than abusing her or making her feel like the most useless person in his life.

Women And Their Obsession With Their Dream Partner

Kindness: Not a sign of weakness

A woman wants a man who is kind to her and pays attention to her words, and her feelings. Being a kind person never means that you are weak, it simply means you are a good-hearted and mature person who respects everyone and does not want to hurt the feelings of their loved ones. There is nothing like that bold people do not have kindness or if they have then it's a sign of weakness. No, it shows that they are bold with a touch of kindness, with an ability to understand other's pain. They love a person who behaves nicely with them and engages in conversations with them. Women get affected by words, good and warm words make them attracted towards them while bad and negative words take them away from that person.

Confidence: A good beginning

Women are emotional and sensitive so they need a partner who makes them confident and helps them realize their self-worth and this can happen when he is confident about himself.  It is not a person who has everything in his life, it is that one who has an optimistic approach towards the situations, it is all about how you look at the problem. Women want a person who has morals, they do not want road-side Romeo. They like that person who loves to do the things that are ethically and morally correct, those who have an aim, who want to achieve something in their life without leaving their partner in the name of fulfilling their objectives and making only themselves better.

Women And Their Obsession With Their Dream Partner

Intelligence: To go a long way

Beauty is an external feature that fades away with time but what what lasts long is the understanding between the partners. If the person is not that intelligent enough to tackle the situations peacefully or appropriately without hurting the dignity of others then he is not mature enough to handle the relations. If he makes sure to win the argument, not the relationship then what is the point of being in a relationship, it is worthless then. A person who understands the needs of his partner emotionally and mentally can carry the relationship the long way and that is what means by an understanding or meaningful relationship.

Cleanliness: Hygiene is a must

No woman likes a person who is not neat and clean and is not well groomed. A person who does not keep himself clean and groomed then how can he provide his partner a clean environment? Hygiene is one of the important factors that everyone must possess in themselves. A healthy person can take care of the other person very well. A person who takes care of their apartments, their cars, their things, and their stuff can also take care of their loved ones and think about their health and comfort. It is a fact that people get attracted to a neat, clean, and groomed personality rather than an unhygienic one.

Women And Their Obsession With Their Dream Partner

What attracts a woman towards her partner?

Women love compliments and it is not only about women, men do also love compliments. Compliments are a way to express love towards your loved ones and they can be sometimes the starter of the discussion. It can be about her eyes, her hair, her strength, her cooking, her intelligence.

More than love, women get attracted to respect. She prioritizes respect more than love. she wants her man to treat her well, she does not want her man to raise his voice at her, yell at her, abuse her, and misbehave with her, it hurts her feelings.

A woman gets attracted to her partner more when he encourages her, supports her, and helps her to grow in her life. She feels good when she has the support of her partner when she sees her partner is beside her in every circumstance. 

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