Women in Love: Pure, Dedicated, Honourable

Women in Love

When it comes to love, no one, I repeat no one can make a woman lose, no one can beat her. Love is the purest feeling a person can experience and it has no significance without a woman. Women and love are two different words but have similar meanings. She is that wonderful living creature without whom imagining love and affection is impossible. A woman in love is a completely different person, she can do everything for her loved ones and only expect love in return but there is a different perspective too that sometimes she gets loved, and sometimes she gets betrayed. The definition of love is completely different for a woman, she loves so deeply that it becomes unparalleled, incomparable, and unimaginable but many people fail to understand her love and give it a name of insanity, madness, or sometimes foolishness.

Two phases of love

Women are so lovable and understandable characters, that they not only understand the pain of someone but also feel that pain. She can live that feeling that other people describe. She can turn away all the darkness from that person's life whom she loves but not at the cost of her dignity. She lowers her standard for her loved ones and when she gets love and respect in return, she can make every possible effort to make that person happy and if her partner's happiness costs her happiness then she happily gets ready for it because she loves him more than herself. Women very well know how to love but she does not know whom to love, that's why sometimes they give their love to that person who does not care about her emotions and feelings, who does not understand her, who does not appreciate her efforts, who does not respect her choice, who does not give time to her, who does not care for her but till then she never stop loving him because she does not know how to unlove someone.

I heard somewhere once, that a Man has two options while a Woman has two hundred options but still she chooses one. Sometimes that one makes her realize that she has made the right or perfect choice in her life, she is the lucky woman that she has won her partner's heart, she believes that she has got everything in the world, she becomes very happy when she sees that her partner is making efforts to live with her and he made her realiserealize that she is the woman of he ever wanted, he greets her with happiness, love, care, and dignity, in contrast with this sometimes she has to face a very difficult and painful situation, she has to bear a very high cost of loving a wrong person, every single day she thinks that what is her fault, why does not she gets the same love and respect she gave to her partner. She curses herself for loving a person so much who does not even deserve half of her love. A woman in love sometimes becomes a woman in pain.

Women in Love

Best out of Waste

Women's indefinite love can turn a person's pain into comfort. A woman knows how to add taste to ordinary food, like this she also knows how to bring taste to the life of the person whom she loves. She knows how to join broken pieces of glass and turn them into creative artwork, like this she knows how to join broken pieces of her man's heart and provide him relief from his pain. She knows how to make cheese (paneer) from milk, like this she knows how to encourage and support her partner in difficult times. She knows how to chop vegetables, and like this, she knows how to chop extra expenses and reduce the burden of her partner. She knows how to grow a healthy plant, like this, she knows how to grow a healthy relationship. Women can make everything best with their love and care but it is not always that everything is in the hands of women, many times every effort of a woman goes in vain because of her over-loving and over-caring attitude towards a careless guy.

How does a woman behave when she is in love?

A woman in terms of career is a mature, responsible, intelligent, and graceful lady but when it comes to love she becomes a child in front of her partner and wants attention, love, care, and respect from her. She wants to be treated like a child and behaves childishly. She thinks her partner cares for her as like a baby, spends quality time with her, supports her, appreciates her, and praises her. Many people think that women are complicated but the reality is they are not complicated, they are kind, loveable, and generous, and for their too much kindness they get hurt which develops a sense of trust issues and that's why they behave oddly sometimes but in real sense they are just being extra careful because they do not want to get hurt again.

Mostly women do not propose first because they never want to enter someone's personal space and they do not trust someone easily but when she does, she does it completely. The graph of women's love slowly reaches upwards but when it reaches the top, she never lets it fall, she makes every possible effort to make her partner happy, take care of his little things, and even changes herself according to him and tries to make her relationship work anyhow. A woman in love even forgives her partner after listening to his abusive words but when she gets betrayed and hurt a lot by her partner again and again then she never wants to see him back again in her life. Once, all her boundaries of tolerance get crossed, she will never look back again at that person.

Women in Love

Women and her love

For a woman, respect is the first and uppermost step towards love. A woman does not love someone easily. If you love a woman first learn to respect her, then try to love her because without respect no love exists and with force, no relation can work. Respect a woman and her decision too, if her answer is yes, then have the courage to take responsibility for that trust and if her answer is no, then do not force her and accept the truth. 

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