The unfairness of power in a patriarchal society : Women guide to Self-discovery


As Simone De Beauvoir rightly said "One is not born but rather becomes a woman"; conditioned by the Values & the societal norms.

We live in a patriarchal society, Where power is unevenly distributed between men & women, where men have the advantage of being superior to women. As the decision-making power is also distributed unevenly women face discrimination.

Women around the world are discriminated against, be it in their personal lives or their professional lives. A few Examples of discrimination faced by women in their Professional life are huge differences in pay scale between male & female counterparts. Even though both do the same amount of work. Women are mentally and sexually harassed by their seniors and colleagues at the workplace. In many places, Women are not offered a job just because they might get pregnant & the employer will have to grant them leave with pay. In other words, the most sacred thing that is motherhood is treated as a disease.

A man doing a certain XYZ work at a certain age is always praised for being driven and if a woman does the same then she is questioned for doing so, even by her own family. She is made to feel guilty for being ambitious & driven by the same society that praises men for doing the same.    

A Woman faces discrimination in her personal life as well. A woman's health both physically and mentally is ignored. Whenever a financial crisis occurs and it comes down to cutting household expenses, the first things that go under the knife are the Expenses that are done on women or a girl child irrespective of age. A few of the Examples are, that a male child's education is prioritized over a girl's child in financial crisis. When it comes to basic nutritional diet mostly a male child is given precedence. 

Women discrimination

A very small example just to explain how deep these biases go. If there is a limited supply of milk it is always given to the male child even though the nutritional need of a girl child is more than the male child because of the menstrual cycle in adolescent girls, Childbirth at young age, etc.

"Women are the real architects of the society" as Harriet Beacher Stowe said, and for this to happen we need to change the way our culture views & treats young women, older women, girl children, married women, mothers, daughters, wives, sister, menstruation & menopause.

We need to teach our young girls to dream big, explore their interests. and passionately pursue non-traditional career options.

We also need to Sensitize men and young boys towards women and the issues they face. The biggest changes in society's behavior towards women will come with women not feeling guilty for giving primacy for their needs and feminist men who are not intimidated by the success of the women in their lives and are supportive of their growth.

Free women

Modern-day women need to break away from the cycle of dependency and poverty by achieving self-reliance, which will give a young girl the ability to do things and make decisions by herself, without needing anyone's help.

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