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Women Motivation


Women, a word that has many characteristics in itself from being a kind-hearted mother to a strict teacher who teaches you first and foremost lessons of life. Women are considered symbols of love, strength, prosperity, and knowledge. They are the makers of the World 🌎 who give birth to a new life on the earth which costs them losing their beauty, losing their body. After all this do we treat them with the respect and dignity which they deserve?


Indian society, primarily, known as male dominant society where every small decision from the clothes we wear to the grave we're buried in is taken by the male lead member of the family because he is the breadwinner of the family. In the past times, women were treated as inferior even though they couldn't take a step out of the house without their father, brother, or husband's permission.

In fact, she can't have any right to make decisions for her own life. She can't go outside for late-night parties, and can't have the opportunity to get educated while on the other hand, a boy from the same family gets the opposite treatment to that of a girl, he can go anywhere, can have late-night parties, gets the opportunity to go to school and get an education.

Today the situation is much better than before but not controlled as she gets the opportunity to get an education from the same institute where his brother is but not to that higher extent and if she goes to that extent then can't make that for their whole life.

Today's Reality is people don't have an issue if their daughter or daughter-in-law goes out to earn a livelihood but first she has to finish all the household work, make food for the family, and then she has permission to go out to work and after coming back she has to complete rest of the chores.


Lack of education is not the only factor that resists the development of women, there are other factors too, some of which are domestic violence, physical and mental abuse, early marriages, gender inequality, and many more but the most important is Education. If a man is educated, he can change his and his family's living standards, at the same point if a woman is educated she can change a whole generation's living standards.

Here comes the term 'Women Empowerment'. Empowerment is defined in three parts Em-power-ment. Here Em defines 'to put into condition mention', 'power ' and ment means 'result of an action'. The ability to look into a condition with uttermost power to encourage, and promote the worth of women and make them realize that they are not the objects to be treated unfairly they are human beings who need to take a stand for themselves irrespective of whatever the situation is.

We worship idols of Maa Durga, Maa Lakshmi, Maa Saraswati as they are the symbol of power, prosperity, and knowledge but what's the point in doing that if you are not treating a woman fairly? The mentality of people is that we worship idols of goddesses, but we don't respect a woman in real life, we will talk about the encouragement of women, but we will abuse them and treat them like inferior people who are born just to take care of their family and children.

The mindset of people is so dark that they think abusing a woman and flexing in front of another person makes them cool, no bro, you are a fool. Just talking about women's empowerment does not lead women to give the life they actually deserve. 


Planning is always the initial step of anything but only planning or discussion on a topic is not enough the main part is implementation and processing desired results.

Beginning is always the difficult part and continuing is always complex It has been said that we need to head out from somewhere to reach at some point. Raising a voice against discrimination, gender inequality, domestic violence, and harassment is necessary for the development of women in society. Do you think it is simple for women to fight for their rights?

The sad reality of life is women don't know their rights, so how it is possible for them to fight without knowing what they are doing so. Here the exact need for education comes. If women are aware of their rights they are more capable of achieving their goals, encouraging others, and becoming role models or reason of inspiration for someone.


Let's talk about gender equality, do you think we have achieved the goal of gender equality, no, we didn't. The desire to be treated with equal respect and level is not yet fulfilled. Many women are unsafe in their own houses, somewhere parents don't treat them as equal to their son, they think their son is the successor of the family so why do we need to provide education to the girl child one day she has to go to her in-law house.

Women Motivation

This perception needs to be changed by promoting awareness that a girl is not only for marriage and household work, but she can do anything that a man can, in fact, in a better way. If a boy wants to pursue his studies in another city, state, or country, his parents don't put restrictions on this but at the same point if a girl wants to pursue her studies in another city, state, or country then her parents are like you can't go there, how can you go there, you are not capable enough to manage the stuff, you are a girl we didn't let you go out.


This is where the reality hits hard. Women are not an object whom you put at your home and serve someone at the time of their marriage. Let her believe in her strength and wisdom, support her, and don't make her feel inferior. Nowadays, many people say that the government doesn't charge exam form fees from females, but they charge it from males and term this as partiality. But have you ever wondered in fact after not charging any fees, how many females taking part in that?

The ratio is not even approximate to equal even after this so what happens when they charge the same amount? It's a way to promote women's empowerment, prioritize them, and let them fly with their dreams. The real success of a woman is not in showing her beauty but in making her life beautiful and admirable so that it can become an example for someone.


Women's power lies in their mental strength.

Women Motivation

A woman is much stronger than she thinks she is. When a man sees a woman growing or uprising in her life, they feel like women are going to dominate them, they never thinks women are just trying to have an independent life for themselves, a man never understands the real meaning of equality. A woman never wants to show her strength, she just needs that 'strength' to make herself better with time.

Women are considered as Lakshmi of the house not because they are taking dowry from their house or earning a living, it is because they better know how to use money or assets in an efficient and effective way to maintain balance in life. It is perfectly described as 'samriddhi'.

The idol of goddess Saraswati is worshiped as a symbol of knowledge (Gyaan) as the woman who uses her knowledge to take care of her ill child and use every possible method to provide relief to her child. Here is the perception of 'sadhbuddhi'.

No one can beat a woman in these vast qualities that are 'Shakti',  'Samriddhi', and 'Sadhbuddhi'.She is a perfect instance from every angle.

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