The Distorted Definition Of Fashion Lifestyle And Beauty In Today’s Social Media Era: Understanding Their True Meaning

Fashion Lifestyle And Beauty

 In today's social media world, fashion is often related to showing off the expensive collection of brands, clothing, accessories, and footwear one owns. But is that truly the real meaning of fashion? In this age, where the internet is available at cheaper rates than ever before, has also increased the reach of social media to remote areas. Many social media influencers have mushroomed and today they are dictating the meaning of fashion, lifestyle, and beauty. Social media today promotes an unhealthy lifestyle where smoking, drinking alcohol, watching porn, misbehaving with elders, eating junk food, and more are promoted as a fashion and the youth has access to such bad content without regulations and restrictions. Artificial and unrealistic beauty standards are set for women and are promoted through social media by big influencers who use graphics and camera tricks to accentuate feminine body parts. This superficial expectation adds unnecessary pressure to conform to feminine beauty standards starting from a young age. Having known a brief idea about the terms fashion, lifestyle, and beauty. Let's  now get into understanding their real meanings individually 


Fashion is a way of expressing yourself( your personality), your current mood, your style and ultimately being comfortable and confident in whatever clothes you wear. Fashion does not mean following any latest trend blindly, it means trying to look good by trying out new styles of wearing clothes or doing your hair beautifully by adding a creative element of your personal style. Every individual is unique and has to go through trial and error to finally discover their personal style in which they feel comfortable, and confident and express themselves better. Discovering one’s personal style statement helps one to connect to more people and create a good impression at any event they attend.  Fashion has the might to bring about social change and motivate others in society.

Fashion Lifestyle And Beauty


Lifestyle can be defined as the way one lives their day-to-day life. It comprises your social life, your diet, fitness routine, work/life balance, and more. The lifestyle of a person is shaped by their culture, society, life experiences, values, habits, customs, civilization one belongs to, their mental construct, the environment in which they live or grew up, etc. The lifestyle of a person defines his/her personality, mental health, and physical health. An active and healthy lifestyle is ideally considered a better one and to achieve this one has to maintain a healthy body weight, avoid smoking, limit the consumption of alcohol, be physically fit by going to the gym or on morning walks, be mentally fit by meditating daily and getting enough sleep and finally getting enough sleep. No matter how busy one gets, one should always try to achieve little things like eating healthy and on time on time and taking out an hour time to exercise and meditate.


Beauty in societal terms is defined as the attractiveness of the physical appearance and also the inner beauty of the character of a person. Outer beauty can be enhanced through personal grooming which in turn will elevate the overall persona of a person. Outer beauty is so obsessed that the importance of inner beauty is overlooked. Beauty is something that can be achieved if done every day by bringing about changes in one's lifestyle. Beauty is not the color of the skin, the shape of the body, or facial features but beauty is the inner glow that comes from within. This inner glow comes from having a balanced diet, doing regular exercise, meditating, and surrounding yourself with positive and good people.

Fashion Lifestyle And Beauty


Fashion, lifestyle, and beauty are all interconnected to each other. They are important in a woman’s life as they empower them with true and comfortable self-expression, boosting confidence and self-esteem. The right clothing choices, a healthy and active lifestyle, and the inner beauty and the glow that comes from within positively impact one's perception of self, which builds a positive self-image and inner strength. Trying out new fashion trends lets a woman create and explore her own body. Interacting with our own body positively and focusing on things that make us feel beautiful is the power of fashion and beauty. they take away the attention from the flaws and give us an edge to present ourselves to the world the way we want them to see us.

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