Molestation: A Painful Incident Faced By Women



A day-by-day increasing crime where women get sexually assaulted, forced by someone with the intention to outrage her modesty. It can be done by a stranger or even by a well-known person. In fact, in most of the cases witnessed, molesters are known by the victims.

Not even a single day passes by when we don't get to hear any news regarding rape, kidnapping, molestation, humiliation, or sexual harassment.

The latest report released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) shows that overall crime against girl children increased by 16.2% than the previous year. 8 out of 10 girls experienced an incident of molestation or sexual harassment in their life which is a shameful thing because men who say that they are the protector of women, will destroy them, abuse them, harass them, make them feel embarrassed, and hurt their dignity.

Many cases are registered where women have faced cruelty by their partner or their relatives and this ratio is continuously increasing. Some of these cases are not even registered because of the fear of society and restrictions of the family as they think it's the attire of the girl that is the main cause of molestation to her, they don't think it's the ill thinking of that person who is actually responsible for these shameful acts.


Justice: an expectation that wants to taste reality

If any woman is verbally or physically abused or tortured by any person then it's neither been said that it's the fault of that man but rather it has been said that it is the fault of that woman because she has not wearing proper clothes, she talk too much, she has male friends, she laughs loudly or she talk with a smile which is indirectly considered as she is interested in that person but no one thinks that it's the mindset of people not the attire of the girl.

The things or talks which actually matter are not considered at this point as it is the issue of the dignity of women which doesn't matter for most people because she is considered inferior in this prevalent society, those who think women are only made for household chores she doesn't need to get out of her house or if she does and someone assaults her then it's because of her being so open.


Is this justice or does she get it in the upcoming time?

Is safety bound tonight only?

Many girls are not allowed to move out of their houses after 7 p.m. because it is considered as the time after this is not safe for a woman to be out of her house alone, the question arises here is the daytime safe for a woman?

If yes, then why are there so many kidnapping cases which are held at the time of day. If not, then when are the women safe?

If she gets molested even by her partner or relative then how can you expect she is safe at her own house,? It's not about place or time it's all about mentality.

In fact, most women face harassment at their workplace or in public transport, the urban women population experienced it more than those urban women because they are less likely to move out of their places but it does not mean those who belong to the rural area doesn't experience it, they did it in another way.


Increasing crime rates related to women

The world is now turning into a hub for crimes. Cases related to rape, kidnapping, molestation, sexual harassment, forcing your partner to intimate are increasing day by day. One of the brutal cases we have heard about is of a girl named Nirbhaya which is an incident in a metro city, Delhi.

Around 720 out of 1000 women have faced these issues. Almost 3 out of 5 women get raped every day and the cases are not even registered if they get registered not everyone gets justice.

Way forward

Education is a key point that helps women to become independent so that they can lead their lives in a better way understand their strengths, and have the courage to take a stand for themselves when such things are going to happen in their lives.

According to the Vedas, women are considered equal to goddesses but in reality, they are not even treated with respect so how can you expect them to treat women as goddesses.

Women, get educated, become independent, know your self-worth, motivate yourself, have faith in yourself, become strong, and be able to take a stand for yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.

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