Dowry System: Modern-day issue or past time practices?

Dowry System

The dowry system is a practice that is deeply ingrained in many societies around the world. It is a complex and controversial issue that has attracted widespread attention and debate. Often associated with South Asia, the dowry system is a long-standing tradition where the bride's family provides gifts, cash, or assets to the groom and his family as a condition of marriage. Despite efforts to eradicate this practice, it continues to persist in various forms and remains a significant social problem.

Impacts of the Dowry System

The dowry system has far-reaching and detrimental effects on individuals and society as a whole. 

Here are some of the key impacts:

Financial Burden

The most immediate impact of the dowry system is the immense financial burden it places on the bride's family. Often, they are forced to sell their assets, take out loans, or deplete their savings to meet the groom's family's demands. This can lead to crippling debt and poverty.

Gender Inequality

The dowry system reinforces gender inequality, as it primarily affects women and their families. It sends a message that women are commodities to be bought, which devalues their worth and perpetuates discriminatory norms.

Dowry System

Domestic Violence

In some cases, the inability to meet dowry demands results in violence against brides. Dowry-related violence includes physical abuse, emotional abuse, and even murder in extreme cases.

Decreased Female Birth Rates

In regions where the dowry system is prevalent, there is often a preference for male children, as daughters are seen as an economic liability due to dowry expenses. This preference can contribute to skewed gender ratios and has negative implications for society as a whole.

Hindrance to Education and Career

The burden of arranging dowries often forces families to prioritize marriage over education and career opportunities for their daughters. This perpetuates a cycle of limited opportunities for women. 

Dowry System

Practices that can be implemented to tackle this issue

Providing Education

Education is one of the most important factors that is used to tackle this issue. By providing education to a daughter you are giving her the best gift of her life, throughout her lifetime so that she can financially depend on herself rather than on any other person such as her spouse or in-laws. A good education is an everyday need in a person's life.

Sharing responsibilities

It has been considered by society that women have to do all household chores even if she is working. Men need to understand that sharing the activities and responsibilities of women doesn't make them a loser it turns them into an open-minded person who sets her partner free and grows together.

Promoting awareness regarding gender equality

In today's time, we say men and women are equal but does society accept this in the real world? Awareness must be provided to people that we need to implement the concept of gender equality in real life, we need to see both of them as equally capable of sharing each other work.

Family should not encourage dowry

family members should not encourage this practice of dowry, they should not give a lot of things or money as gifts as the other name of dowry which we call today as love of parents or family members. They need to encourage their daughter to become self-dependent so that she can buy the things she needs rather than giving her gifts as so-called dowry. 

Dowry System

Threats given to take dowry

Use of  violence

Use of violence as a threat to women to force their family members to get money and other economic materials in the form of dowry even after the marriage in some marriages dowry is not taken before marriage it is taken after marriage by assaulting, beating and threatening a  woman and her family members to save their reputation, get fame and maintain an image in the society.

Condition of divorce

In many cases, it has been seen that if a woman doesn't bring more and more dowry after the demand of her husband and in-laws, then they put a condition before her and tell her that if you do not get dowry from her house then your husband will give you divorce and remarried to another woman and left you alone.

Cruelty to woman and their family

Some people tried to exploit the woman and her family members by beating and abusing her and her family members to get dowry or they offered that woman as a product to other men to get money from her by any means, or even try to attack on her family members.

Dowry System


The dowry system is a deeply ingrained social evil that continues to inflict harm on families and women in many parts of the world. It perpetuates gender inequality, financial burdens, violence, and marital discord. Legal reforms, public awareness campaigns, and efforts taken to empower women are steps in the right direction.

Eradicating the dowry system remains a complex and ongoing challenge. To combat this deeply rooted issue, communities, governments, and individuals must work together to change cultural attitudes and prioritize gender equality.

The dowry system not only harms individuals and families but also undermines the progress and development of societies as a whole. By addressing this issue comprehensively, we can hope to create a world where marriages are based on love, respect, and equality rather than material wealth.

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