Participation Of Women In The Freedom Struggle: Motivating Women To Have Courage In Themselves

Crucial Role of Women Freedom Fighters

Crucial Role of Women Freedom Fighters

Women played a significant and pivotal role in the historical timeline. The support and courage shown by women is unparalleled. They sacrificed their lives, homes, and families to fight for the freedom of the nation from the British and from the bitter norms of society. Many of them were kept as slaves and tortured by the Britishers.

Majorly women's participation came to light when the male members were arrested by the British soldiers. There women carried out those movements started by the men and took charge of the struggle in their hands. Most of the women, at that time did not know about using weapons and ways of fighting so that they could protect themselves and their families.

They try to learn the use of the equipment and also find out new ways to tackle the enemies those who did not know about the usage of weapons started using their kitchen materials as their weapons to fight enemies such as throwing boiled oil, water, and chilly powder but they did not bend down knees before the enemy. They fought bravely and with immense courage, they faced various hardships, and exploitations and were tortured badly even after this they tried so hard to earn us freedom.

Crucial Role of Women Freedom Fighters

Criteria of Women Participated in the Freedom Struggle

Different Religion

Women from different religions participated in the freedom struggle with their full potential. they took away the belief that having other religious women with them was an odd thing, and they started fighting considering other religious women as friends and as a whole breaking societal norms. Begum Hazrat Mehal, a Muslim woman fought bravely during the Indian Rebellion of 1857 and achieved a heroine status. Kittur Chennamma, a Hindu woman took control of armed resistance in her hands against the British East India Company in 1824. Rajkumari Dame Bibiji Amrit Kaur, a Christian woman  Who participated in the Indian Independence Movement and was even appointed as the first health minister of India in 1947. 

Diverse Backgrounds

Women from different backgrounds participated enthusiastically in the freedom struggle including royalty, high class, middle class, lower class, and others. They did not keep in mind that they did not participate with other backgrounds women, their whole focus at that time was on the freedom of their nation. Rani Lakshmibai, Queen of Jhansi participated actively in the freedom struggle with common women like those who worked under them and she also protected them. Annie Besant, a prominent British socialist Helped in getting Independence to India. Rani Gaidinliu, a naga spiritual led a revolt against the Britishers, she led the Heraka movement, at the age of 13. Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit holds a strong voice in the Indian Independence Movement. Purnima Banerjee helped in the establishment of the All India Women Conference, she also worked for the Tribal community's betterment.

Women In The Freedom Struggle

Challenges women faced while participating in the freedom struggle

Women faced numerous challenges during the time of struggle such as violence, societal barriers, stereotypes, lack of motivation, imprisonment, and fear of losing family. Violence against women is a major issue faced by women whether it is domestic violence, harassment, marital rape, and more.  Women are always the victims of violence, they are threatened, beaten, and Imprisoned at that time and are not given the respect they deserve.

Those women who participated in the struggle were not supported by their family and society and were termed as shameful because they stepped out of their homes to get themselves freedom and even their families threatened or abandoned them if they did not stop their participation in the struggle. They emphasize their focus on household work and children rather than trying to get freedom.

The stereotype of having a lady leader is one of the most common beliefs people have. They think that women are not made for leadership and management, they do not possess those qualities of leaders as they do not have the masculine power which is needed for leadership.

Patriarchal thinking became a challenge for women as it did not let them be active participants in the freedom struggle. Because of their mentality of treating women as lower and considering them capable of only household work and nursing their children, women lack support and motivation from even their husbands, fathers, and sons.

Women In The Freedom Struggle

Participation by women in National Movements

Many Indian women participated heavily in the national movements, they shouldered several responsibilities and handled them carefully. They held many public meetings and tried to motivate women to focus and participate in the freedom struggle and to raise their voices against atrocity.

Quit India Movement: Usha Mehta, a patriotic woman with her broadcasting work helped in this movement. She set up a radio transmitter to spread information about the freedom war.

Dandi Salt March: Sarojini Naidu played a crucial role in this march. She addressed meetings and participated in the march actively.

It was also referred to as the civil disobedience movement. She was even arrested many times by the British authorities.

Non-cooperation movement: A large number of women participated in this movement. They pick up Liquor shops, avoid the usage of foreign clothes, and hold dharnas. Urmila Debi encourages women to participate more and more in the freedom struggle and to serve their nation.

Women In The Freedom Struggle

Women Who Participated In Freedom Struggle Being Role Models for Others

Many women who actively participated in the freedom struggle show that women are not less than men even in terms of fighting battles and getting us independence. Rani Lakshmi Bai, Madam Bhikaji Cama,  Begum Hazrat Mahal, Aruna Asaf Ali, Sarojini Naidu, Kasturba Gandhi, Savitribai Phule, Kamala Nehru, Uda Devi, Pritilata Waddedar were some of the women freedom fighters whose hard work and bravery got our nation independence.

Many names of such personalities who fought for independence are unknown to us but despite every challenge majority of women fought with courage and actively participated in the battles for freedom. We all must pay tribute to those women and try to encourage today's women to fight for their rights. 

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