Feeling Of Never Give Up On Oneself: Motivate Women To Learn From Failures

Motivate Women

Failures play an important role in one's life. A stepping stone towards the achievement of goals and dreams that motivates a person to enthusiastically prepare for upcoming challenges of life. Women are amazing creatures who can manage every situation perfectly if they want to. She can deal with problems by applying every possible effort to find solutions for the people irrespective of the complexity of the problem, but the issue here is that she does not know her real power. They are considered inferior or weak by the people and they think that they are weak or not that much capable as men.

The reality is that they are always holding back from doing some work that is much think of men men-related. Women are treated as the most sensitive person when it comes to doing more male-engaged work. It has been said that you are a girl, you cannot do this as it is men's work and one should not indulge in their work as they are enough to do it or you cannot do it better than them.

Motivate Women

Is power only male-related?

Power is not only a particular definition of physical fitness, power also includes mental strength in it. As women are more emotional than men, they easily get manipulated by others if someone tries to play emotional games with them, but when it comes to power, they are more mentally prepared to handle any situation and possess more strength to overcome any difficult problem. 

The majority of women have been taught that they are not powerful as as men because men have physical power, they are physically stronger than you and here they raise the question of equality. If both men and women are equal why do men have stronger muscle power than women? A commonly said question whenever women raise their right of equality. The perception is that both are powerful in their perspective, men are born with muscle power and their beliefs of being physically strong are their everyday talks, so they never think of themselves as weak.

If women think the same that they are not less than men and are equally powerful then they also develop this thing in themselves, but since birth, they are treated as Dady's princess and kept as a soft, little bud of the house. If they taught her that she is not less powerful than any other then this feeling of being less physically strong does not come in women, but they are made to believe that they are weak.

Motivate Women

Weeping: an emotion, not a weakness

It is also been said that women cry a lot and can cry in front of everyone while men do not cry as they seem they are strong and strong people do not cry but this is not true. Weeping does not mean a person is weak, it is just a form of expressing one's feelings or emotions women are more emotional so they easily express it since birth it has been taught to boys that boys do not cry, are you a girl? why are you crying like a girl? these types of questions are embedded in his mind and this impacts a message that girls cry and hence are considered weak. 

Due to this mentality of people, boys from childhood believe that weak people cry and we are not weak so we do not cry and girls are weak so they can cry easily and nobody questions them, and say strong and brave people don't cry. It is for boys only, because according to them girls are not strong. If he also has been taught that crying is not a sign of weakness, they do not say women or girls are weak, they say it's human nature to express his/her pain by shedding tears.

Motivate Women

Are job Genders specified?

The job can be another factor where women are restricted from doing many jobs that are more preferred by men as they are male-oriented.

Many people consider that seeing women as electricians, mechanics, drivers, and gardeners makes them feel awkward or out of the box because they have seen men doing these job roles so they don't even imagine a female for these activities. These types of activities where males are more engaged are not preferred as a career for women because of the thinking that women cannot do that as smoothly as men do. But how can they say it without even knowing the result, without seeing their working ability or performance? This is a stereotype made by people that this work is done by women and that work is done by men which needs to be ended by the people by raising the concept of performance rather than the performer.

Motivate Women

Beauty: a judgment basis

Beauty plays an important role in a woman's life. Beautiful women are preferred in any situation either for marriage, a job, or an act. If women are not that pretty and do not meet their expectations of beauty standards, then they are not treated with the same respect as others and are not given priority hence, bullied, disrespected or body shamed which hurts the dignity of the women and demotivates women. These types of situations try to lose a woman's confidence in herself and make her feel uncomfortable in one's body. Women who are fair and good-looking gain more importance than those who are not or less good-looking.

Education or Income difference

Whether a woman is less educated or is earning less than the men then it will not lead to conflicts in the relationship but if they are more educated or are earning more than a male member of the family then they think that she is going to dominate us by flexing her high income and treat men as her foot sandal. this is not true, a woman does not want to earn more so that she can flex in front of others or treat her man as inferior to her but she wants to earn more because she wants to be treated equally and as respectfully as the male member of the family.

Women If motivated or appreciated by others, especially the male members of their family then they feel proud of themselves and know their real worth, power, and capability.

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