Female Friendship: An Unconditional Bond Of Love

Female Friendship

 Females play many roles in their life, they are the mother, daughter, sister, grandmother, and friend. Females can be very good friends as they are more emotionally concerned than males, do they have a better sense of understanding another person as they can feel that and identify with what the person is going through? Female friendships are no less than a blessing, they bloom your life with their energy. A female friend can change your way of seeing the world, they not only appreciate you but also encourage you to do better every day.

Many people say that women cannot be good friends, male friendships are far better than that but the reality is a good friend is not defined by gender they are defined by understanding, trust, honesty, and loyalty. A female friend can help a person to grow well in life as she not only understands the problem but also helps to figure out the solution. A good female friend believes in growing and nurturing rather than competing and defaming with the friend.

Female Friendship

Bond of  female friendship

Female friendships are something dynamic and passionate. The concept of female friendships is a sacred bond of friendship among two females, or may it be a guy having a female friend. Female friendships are not as simple as they seem. It is something too pure and delicate. Having a female friend means having a companion, to whom you can share your everyday story, any silly thing that comes to your mind without having any sense of being judged. It feels as if that particular girl out there is your home. She is the comfort zone who knows how to handle you, how to lift your mood, how much attention you crave, and how to light up your world. Whenever that girl comes to your mind you feel a sudden warmth within you because she holds a place in your heart that is only hers and can never be replaced.

It's just something about the aura of female friendships that you know that person knows the real you and loves you for you, she never asks anything in return, she just craves your love and affection. It feels like as long as that one girl is with you, as long as she has your back you can conquer the world. Her company gives you strength and positive vibes. Often females can be manipulated much easily when they are handled with care. A slight gesture of kindness can change the whole point of view she has about you. Having a female friend is like having a sister who is always standing together with you whenever you feel overwhelmed, and a mother who wants you to be safe because she is genuinely concerned about your safety. She is like a shoulder to lean on. A female friend understands a female like no other.

Female friendships are an absolutely beautiful concept but they can turn out toxic as well. Jealousy is something that can ruin any beautiful relationship. If a female feels jealous she can be the most double-faced person you can ever imagine. Jealousy drives people crazy, it creates an inferiority complex that is enough for the bond to shatter.

Female Friendship

Positive feminine energy

A female portrayed in herself certain qualities like kindness, boldness, sympathy, humbleness, helpfulness, strength, and tolerance which shows that she is not an ordinary human being who only thinks about herself, she is a supporter, a provider, a therapist who can understand others pain and make them feel better by showing her concern through motivation and encouragement. Feminine energy is very strong, it cannot be compared with any other energy, it is so powerful that it can build and destroy at the same time. If a woman believes in herself and has interaction with her energy then she can make every possible effort to make things work.

Positive feminine energy helps a person to nurture in their life, it can provide that person the courage and feeling of self-worth. With the help of a good and supporting female friend, you can change your aura and become irreplaceable. This energy practically, emotionally, and physically changes the way of living life for a person as it makes their personality so amazing, so confident that they will never think of failures and do not fear the outcome, they will not think about the defaming of others, their only purpose is to grow and make grow.

Female Friendship

Helps in the reduction of loneliness

A good female friend can help to make another friend stronger and braver. She can tell any secret, any problem, anything with that friend without the fear of being judged and feeling guilty. A good friend is not the one who is with you every time, it is with you when no one is there for you. She helps to reduce loneliness and tries to comfort you with her words, and with her motivation. She does not make you feel guilty for your mistake but rather she calms you down by being with you and encouraging you to remove all the guilt, and failure from your mind and take a stand for yourself in the upcoming future.

Female friend: another sister

A female friend can become another sister because of the love, care, kindness, humbleness, and security she provides to another friend. She can act like a sister who is not connected to you by blood but by soul, emotions, and feelings. She treats you more than how she treats her sister. Females are more emotional than men so they will be more concerned about the feelings of others and are attracted to others by emotions because they very well understand their problems and can feel their pain.

Female friendships require more concern and understanding but are more beneficial as they have the patience to understand someone's problems and can listen to them. There is a common saying that "A woman is the biggest enemy of a woman" but this is not applicable at every phase instead " A woman is the purest and powerful form of friendship", no one can understand a woman better than another woman. 

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