Does The Decision Of Women Empowerment Exist In Reality Or On Paper?

Women Empowerment Exist In Reality Or On Paper

We talk a lot about women empowerment but is the society ready for it? Many schemes have been launched by the government for the protection and development of women till there are women who are not safe or not getting the opportunity to raise. Today also people think that women are sex objects which is born for their pleasure. 

They think that women cannot have the right to make decisions, it is only male-oriented because we live in a society where patriarchy is at the top most and if a woman tries to grow or raise her standard then they want to put her down and make every possible effort to not let her grow and it is because they do not want a woman to lead her, it hurts their male ego. If a woman comes into power then many points are raised against her that either she is licking the foot of a big powerful man or she might have slept with him that's why she is at the topmost level. 

Women Empowerment Exist In Reality Or On Paper

  • Is this the only way to get to the topmost level? 
  • Doesn't women can achieve their high goals themselves with their hard work, determination, and consistency? 
  • Why does the hard work of a woman never get appreciated? 
  • why do the people raise their finger on her character? 
  • why don't they understand that women are also human beings, not objects or machines who are only for your work? 
  • Why do they always point out the character of the women everywhere? 
  • why don't they appreciate her work? 
  • A woman does all the household work and also manages her professional work but till then they are not appreciated for their work, and she keeps listening to words like What did you do the whole day? 
  • is the household work work? 
  • We men are the bread earners, you have to be under our control, you are nothing without us, and you are living in this house because of me. Everyone talks about being open-minded but do we are? 
  • Those people who think abusing or treating unfairly with a woman can be said open-minded because if we talk about equality then we should say abusive words to both men and women. After all, they want equality. Is this the equation of equality? 
  • Saying abusive words to her and not feeling guilty about it is making you a man, literally? 

They give excuses about it that if women want equality then they have to bear its cost.

Women Empowerment Exist In Reality Or On Paper

Cruelty to women

Domestic violence is another cruelty that is continuously happening to women nowadays also which is ignored by many women in the name of the reputation of their family. Men beat up their wives if they are not doing the same as their husbands or in-laws are saying to them. 

If any mistake has been made by a woman, consider a cup of tea fell from her hand then many men did not ask her are you okay? their first question is are you mad, do you know how much this cup cost? did you bring it in dowry from your house? Or even some of them beats her. Is this such a big mistake that the men get the right to hit a woman? In the name of dowry, many marriages got canceled or if happened then women were tortured by their in-laws or partners. 

In some cases, women are even burnt alive only because they did not bring money or materials from their house. Does money or materialistic things have such importance that a life is nothing in front of it or does the human being become so cruel that he does not feel pain or guilt in doing so? Till when the women have to face all these issues, did she become independent?

Tortures in relationships

Tortures in relationships

Most of the women who are in relationships get tortured by their partner either physically, emotionally, or mentally. They are living in such toxic relationships because only they love that person. Love is such a pure entity that how can someone disrespect it, many people crave it, but those who get it fail to value it. 

Modern-day relations have a concept that not being physical in a relationship means no love, how can someone think like it? Many women are even killed by their partners because she is not ready for it, even in marriage life, women are forced for intimacy irrespective of the consent of women. Many relationships become torture nowadays for women, they are turning into a prison for them where the string of a woman's life is in the hands of that man and he has control of her life, she has to act the way he wants. 

Why the people don't understand the difference between consent and demand? why they don't understand that saying no simply means no? What is this that I know there is a yes in your no? If she is saying yes then it means yes, if it's no then it means no. Women know where the difference between yes and no, which needs to be understood by men too.

Women Empowerment

The reality that is covered

For the development of a country, its whole population needs to grow, if half of its population that is women remains underground then how can a country be developed or civilized if they get then what's the point of that? Women are also human beings who feel pain and get hurt when someone abuses them, beats them, or tortures them, it is not a matter of masculinity to show yourself by defaming others. An intelligent and powerful man holds the hands of a woman and walks beside her not the one who takes her behind himself and only uses her for his needs. 

Maybe many men do not agree with the fact that women get tortured or beaten up in their relationships but it is happening with women regularly. Although, everyone is not under this those who are having this kind of behavior need to understand, do you like it if some women do the same to you? When will the women get freedom from these tortures? when will she live happily? 

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